Sunday, July 05, 2015
Loving God, Loving People, Serving the World
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Sunday Mornings: Bible Fellowship Groups: 9:45 am; Worship 11:00 am
Sunday Nights: Disciple U & Awana 6:00 pm
Wednesdays: Prayer Meeting 6:30 pm; Choir Practice 7:30 pm 
First Sundays: Deacon Ministry Meeting 4:30 pm
Second Mondays: FBC Leadership Meeting 7:00 pm
  Our Current Bible Sermon Series
The book of Hebrews gives us one of the most majestic presentations
of Jesus in all the Bible!  Its contents help us connect the dots between
the Old Testament sacrificial system and the New Testament teachings
about Christ.  Hebrews teaches us about Christ and how to live in and for
Christ every day.  Join us as we start the new year with this new sermon series!

Missions Month is Coming!
In September we will devote the entire month to an emphasis on missions.  You'll have the opportunity to learn about missions, pray for missions, and give to missions.  We are introducing a missions offering scheduled for September 27.  In the chart below you can see how the offering will be distributed. We are giving toward are the same efforts as before with the addition of beginning a scholarship fund for those from FBC who will go on short-term mission trips in the future.  Our goal for this big, one-day offering is $10,000. 
Schedule for September Missions Month
Sept 6      Morning worship: Missionary Biography, Adoniram Judson - Pastor Daryl
               Disciple U - "Me and Missions" (part 1)
Sept 13    Joint Bible Fellowship Group (adults & youth) - Pat Wilcox, speaker
               Morning worship: Jamie Reynolds, Director of Missions - Three Forks Baptist Association, guest speaker
               Disciple U - "Me and Missions" (part 2)
Sept 20    breakfast sponsored by the Men's Ministry
               Morning worship: Hymn Sing & Exposition of "Rescue the Perishing"; Special guests Scott Bersaglia & Fanny Crosby;          
                                          special recognition of Charles & Pat Wilcox
               Disciple U - "Me and Missions" (part 3)
Sept 27    Morning worship: Doug Williams, Missions Strategist of the KBC, guest speaker
               Missions offering
               Annual church picnic at Perry County Park